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We believe we've created a unique practice and approach that focuses on wellness, appearance and prevention. You'll love the results that you will receive with our combination of the latest technology, experienced and caring medical professionals.

We treat the effects of aging from both the outside and the inside.  We offer the most advanced FDA approved procedures but we also address the long-term of cause and effect of aging.  Dr. Phillip Milgram is Board Certified and is a pioneer in laser surgery.  He founded the Southern California Laser Institute in 1984.

Giving your body what it needs to heal itself will combat the daily onslaught of environmental and nutritional toxins, free radicals, background radiation; all of which have been linked to an accelerated aging process.  A simple consultation about an individual plan for your lifestyle and diet could prevent disease and increase vitality, longevity and quality of life.

Is a hormone imbalance contributing to your signs of aging?  Hormones control almost every function in your body.  Their mechanisms of action are finely balanced in intricate feedback loops.  An imbalance in just one of these hormones can have an impact on your health and aging process.  Balancing your hormones, improving your diet and protecting your skin from harmful sun rays can make a huge difference in your well being and quality of life.

An imbalance of hormones, like progesterone, testosterone, estrogen, DHEA (dehydoepiadronesterone) and cortisol (commonly know as the stress hormone) can be the underlying cause for the most commonly known signs and symptoms of aging, such as achy joints, poor sleep, reduced libido, lack of energy, hot flashes and mood swings.

When combining this inside and outside approach we think you will be amazed at the results. 

For the outside, we use only FDA-approved laser and surgical procedures.  To learn more about these treatments and procedures please click on the desired service link on the left-hand side of our site.

We offer flexible office hours in both Carlsbad and La Jolla.  Our two office locations are conveniently located with lots of available parking.


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